Life is the purpose of our existence; we live for life. From this, Love plays an integral part in our lives; we love to live for love. With that being said, There is a someone who attributes to bringing people together, his name is Cupid. Have you ever wanted to tell him to fix his aim? Or ask him ‘What’s Next?’ in the quest for love?

Unfortunately, that’s not his job. This is where people like me come in–The love advice blogger.

Love advice blogger (n.) – Someone who cleans up after Cupid, and sees his projects through. Someone who wants to be a love advice writer/columnist, in hopes of reaching people on a bigger platform. Their passion lies in writing and mending broken hearts. [That’s me!]

The reason why I set up this blog is to (1) give advice on love (2) build up a strong readership to eventually get  my dream job i.e. a love article writer. I want to write articles about love for magazines. It’s always been something I have enjoyed and felt a passion for.

Take this as a helpful hub/pit stop for those who experience breakdowns on the love train, need a second opinion on a potential decision in the love department, want to get over a nasty break up.

This blog ranges from pre-relationship, during and post-break-up. So by all means, feel free and welcome to cry a river, rant, dote to me–I’m here to hear you out.

After all, at the end of the day it’s ALL LOVE!


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